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Canadian Ham Callsigns
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The purpose of this website is to provide a Garmin GPS compatible POI file that contains most of the callsigns of Canadian Ham Radio operators. I say *most* because a small number of Canadian Hams have chosen to withhold their address to the public.

A minor issue is our rural friends. If they have "RR#1 Someplace in Canada" instead of a street address, the GPS will point you to the center of that village, not the Ham's front door.

Note that although Industry Canada releases the Callsign, Name and Address, IC does not have the LAT & LON of the station. I am able to geocode the entire database by passing the addresses to both the Google Maps API and Mapquest. The initial geocoding process took 10 days of processing to complete. Now that the bulk of the database has been prepared, updates are applied to the GPS file every night.

This website downloads updates to the database directly from Industry Canada each night. It is surprising the number of changes that are processed each week. I suggest revisiting this site from time to time to obtain the current version.

To load the database onto your GPS, you must Download & Install the free [ POI LOADER ] program from the Garmin website.

GPX Import file for your GPS
This file will add thousands of Canadian Ham Callsigns to your GPS
  POI LOADER software
Free software from Garmin that will load GPX files onto your GPS
Canada & US Ham Repeaters for your GPS

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